If you are interested in finding that someone special for dating or possibly marriage, then eHarmony is the best deal you can possible find. eHarmony has a proven scientific method for matching up people that you are truely compatible with.

You can fill out a 100% free profile and you can learn more about yourself and what your partner should be than you thought possible. To get started with a no obligation trial, you can try it out.

My Review

  The Questionnaire
First of all, eHarmony is not about finding a quick date. You will spend about an hour filling out the initial questionnaire. The questionnaire is broken up into 15 sections and comprise everything from your feelings to your social style. Your personality profile is generated for you based on your questionaire. To be honest, even if you aren't interested in dating, the personality profile that it gives you based on your questionnaire is pretty insightful if you want to learn about yourself.

One thing I found useful is the ability to come back and work on the questionnaire at a later time. You don't have to do it all at once. This really was a good idea on eHarmony's part because they would loose a good number of potential users if they had to do the whole thing at once.


Sex Assault Victim Met Attacker on eHarmony: Sheriff
September 15, 2010 - 3:39 pm
A Virginia man is accused of sexually assaulting a woman he apparently met on a dating website. EHarmony - Relationships - Virginia - Dating - Advice

Man charged with sexual assault of eHarmony date
September 15, 2010 - 12:14 pm
Investigators believe there may be other victims who have not come forward.

  The Matches
Once you finish the questionnaire, you then will have an option to find matches. This is where eHarmony is *very* different from all other dating sites. Instead of you picking what you want to see, you only get to see matches that eHarmony thinks are correct for you based on that big questionnaire you just took.

Here's something very interesting about eHarmony... I read that their membership base has 2 females for every male. I guess it makes sense because woman are more long-term relationship minded than men (which is eHarmony's strong point).

  The Price
eHarmony is not the cheapest dating site (by far). Their pricing ranges from $20.83 - $49.95 per month (depending on how long you sign up for). From time to time, eHarmony will offer promotions. Please return to this site for currently offered coupons. I've set up an eHarmony Coupons page for those readers that would like to check to see if eHarmony has any coupons or promotions currently available.

  My Thoughts
I think in shapes, not colors, so I like eHarmony's scientific approach. I also think their website itself is top-notch. But if you aren't at a point in your life where you are interested in marriage or a long term relationship, then eHarmony isn't for you. If you are more into having fun and just dating random people you would be better suited for something like Yahoo Personals. The price is a bit steep, but I guess that is irrelevant if it's able to deliver your "soul mate'.

       Overall Rating: 9/10

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